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The Fringe Radio Network is different than the other internet radio networks because we are all fringe friends and fringe family.  When we ask you to please support Sarah Westall, it's because she is our friend and we love her and care about her; we want her to get help.  We love Sarah Westall and we want her to survive. 

We feature Derek Gilbert's A View From the Bunker because we have been good friends with Derek for many years.  He is hands down one of the fathers of fringe podcasting reaching back over 15 years.  Derek Gilbert was originally terrestrial radio station talk show host who talked mostly politics but had a Friday drive time show called Off Road Fridays where he covered many strange, fringe subjects with live callers.  He then teamed up with his dear wife Sharon Gilbert who is also one of are dear friends to create the podcast, Peering into Darkness Radio or PID Radio.  Derek then some years later launched a solo show known as A View From the Bunker or VFTB back around 2007, which continues to this day.  We proudly Feature VFTB her on the Fringe Radio Network.  Derek is also one of the host of Tom Horn's Skywatch TV  which airs on many satellite television stations. 

We feature Chris White's Bible Prophecy Talk and Bible Prophecy News Talk because we have been personal friends with Chris White going back over 15 years; we have hung out with Chris White in person.  Chris White is one of the founding fathers of Fringe Christian Podcasting beginning with the Frank and Chris show circa 2005 and is the creator of many epic and popular videos such as Ancient Aliens Debunked and of course, he has a very high quality and intelligent group of podcast shows and always has.

We absolutely LOVE Tony K of the A Minute to Midnight podcast and we have only missed a handful of his episodes over the years.  A very high quality podcast which talks about news related to a world gone mad as we approach the end of the world.  We seriously ask you that you would help Tony K and send him a few bucks because we love him and care about him; he is our dear old friend in this fringe community.

We have a legacy history and are friends with most all of the shows on the Fringe Radio Network.  Adam Sayne of Conspirinormal went to the same church as Doctor Future ( http://futurequake.com ) and counselor Mark Breton ( The IRON SHOW and IRON SHOW LIVE! ) It is a point of fringe FACT that the Fringe Radio Network is the BIRTHPLACE of Conspirinomal, which began on FRN in 2012 - 2013.  The crew of Conspirinormal are dear old friends of ours and we have hung out with them in person as well.  They have branched out to many places but the Fringe Radio Network is still their main home base as well as http://conspirinormal.com/blog-1.

Friends give each other pet names or nick names.  This is the reason that some of the podcasts on the Fringe Radio Network have different names and episode titles than they usually do on their own sites and outlets.  For example the Brothers of the Serpent podcast is known as The Snake Brothers or Snake Bros when they appear on the Fringe Radio Network.  Many podcast episode titles are also different when they appear on the Fringe Radio Network.  This is because we have listened to the podcast episode and we think that we have a better title than they do or that we absolutely LOVED the episode and we add elements to the episode title such as: "Killer Session!"  or "Don't Miss This One!" or "Epic Session!"  or "One of Our Favorite Sessions!".  The Brothers of the Serpent podcast is just the kind of stuff we really like.  Stuff such as alternative archaeology,  alt science,  fringe pyramid stuff, alternative science, ancient stuff, ancient Egypt, ancient science, fringe science  and pyramids.  One of Our all time favorite episodes of the Snake Brothers was a session called "The History of Precision"  If you get a chance go to http://www.brothersoftheserpent.com and find that episode and download that bad boy.  Awesome session!  As you can probably tell, we love fringe podcasts.  We walk the talk; it's one of the major things that makes the Fringe Radio Network such a different animal from the other podcast networks. 

One of our friends on the Fringe Radio Network is author William ( Bill ) Sheehan, author of a large collection of books created from real bigfoot encounters known as Bigfoot Terror in the Woods.  Bill was the guest on IRON SHOW LIVE!  a few years ago and after the session was finished, Johnny, owner of the Fringe Radio Network began to talk Bill into starting HIS OWN bigfoot podcast.  A few months later, Bill got together with his brother Kevin Sheehan and thus began the AWESOME podcast known as Bigfoot Terror in the Woods.  ( BEST BIGFOOT PODCAST EVER! ) ... And because we are friends with Bill Sheehan, we really want you to go to https://buybigfootbooks.com and buy some of Bill's books.  The collection contains hundreds of personal REAL bigfoot encounters that people sent to Bill via letter, phone calls and email.  They are awesome books and make really great gifts.  We really, actually love Bill; such a great guy and that's why we want you do break out your credit or debit card or.. maybe you could just hand him a fistful of sweaty cash and buy a whole case of his books.  They make really great gifts!

9 or 10 years ago, things started getting scary when a big, tattooed, Long Beach Mexican gangster named "Evil" started messaging us: "Hey Big Homie wazzzup?  I'm down with the IRON baby!"  His street name was "Evil" because he would hold people at gun-point while he read them scary passages out of the Book of Revelation; King James style - just to scare them and freak them out.  Over the years, this bad ass man: Mister Leonard Olivares, became Fringe Radio Network's very own Mexican Gangster with the podcasts known as "Eyes Wide Open" and "Getting Understanding".  In 2016 the Fringe Radio Network birthed yet 2 more new podcasts with Leonard's conceptual work being both ground-breaking and original shows.  Eyes Wide Open features eye-opening presentations of the paranormal, conspiracies and heavy theological statements.  Getting Understanding cuts through the rumors and second hand information to find out the real truth of various organizations by going out and talking to the actual leaders and people in the organization.  Leonard's visit with the top Santa Muerte high priest of Los Angeles was truly ground breaking.  We have featured that series several times in Fringe Radio Network Specials and Fringe Spotlight episodes.  In 2018 Fringe Radio Network's own Mexican gangster became the official co-host of IRON SHOW LIVE!

Adam Sayne, the host of Conspirinormal kept talking about this podcast he spent many hours listening to called  "Where Did the Road Go?"  So we just had to hear it for ourselves.  We instantly fell in love with that show and knew that we had to have Mister Askath on the Fringe Radio Network.  He agreed to join and the rest is Fringe Radio Network History.

The boys from Fire Theft Radio had been listening to Johnny and IRON SHOW LIVE!  for years and after Fringe Radio Network's own Mexican gangster, Leonard Olivares,  co-host of IRON SHOW LIVE!  nailed down a session with them on Eye's Wide Open they asked to join the network.

Johnny was contacted by Joshua Wisely about a year after forming his podcast; known as "Eschaton"  which is a fancy word for "The End of the World.  We found Joshua Wisely to be very educated , articulate and well spoken but most importantly, FRINGE.  Joshua Wisely possesses a deep insight and seems to have his finger on the pulse of Geo-politics and how these END TIMES might play out.  Fringe Radio Network considers each episode of Eschaton to be a prestigious pearl of great wisdom.  We look forward with great anticipation to the next, new episode of Eschaton.  Eschaton is a stellar podcast and we are so happy to include Joshua Wisely in the network lineup.

More stories about the shows on our network will be coming so stay tuned!

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~Johnny Iron

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